Traditional Burial

 A traditional burial may be a consideration. Each family is different influenced by religious, cultural or personal preferences. Our family proudly offers a full range of quality services and loving tributes for all faiths and customs.

Of course budget is also a consideration which will determine if the funeral will be elaborate, simple, public or private - and the place chosen as to where the service will be held.

The type of casket, cemetery plot or crypt, graveside memorial service and other arrangements must all be considered.

There is also the choice if the body is to be viewed, or if a closed casket is preferred. There is transport of the body to the funeral site, cemetery and burial or entombment. 

Our facilities offer virtual viewings. This allows those family members unable to be present for the memorial services. 

We are fully equipped to provide transportation and services to churches and burial to any location in Florida. We may take care of out of state transfers both domestic and international destinations.

Please inquire about our veteran and military programs and memorial services. We also offer special discounts to government and city employees.