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Evaluating Your Options for Funeral Home and Cremation in Fort Myers, FL

What is the right way to proceed when you need funeral and cremation services in Fort Myers, FL? Most families find that it is helpful to learn more about the industry before finalizing the decisions for this event. As you learn about your options, it empowers you to select the specific details that align with your family culture and traditions.

Our trusted staff at the funeral home is here to provide the information that you need. We not only answer your questions about funeral home and cremation in Fort Myers FL, but we offer a supportive environment where you never feel pressured to select specific funeral services. Take the time that you need when learning about available services. Then, discuss your preferred choices with us so that our team can oversee every detail of the event.

Range of Funeral and Cremation Services in Fort Myers, FL

Here is an overview of some of the funeral and cremation services you might choose to include in a plan for yourself or a loved one:

Funeral or Memorial Services: Loved ones need a time to meet, share stories, and support each other in their grief. These services can be informal or formal, based on the family’s preferences and traditions. We have rooms and facilities in our funeral home to host the event if you would like to use our building. Or, our team can staff a funeral at another location of your choice, such as a church or meetinghouse, offering a star service to our clients.

Funeral and Cremation ProductsOften, the family has specific products that should be purchased for the funeral or cremation. For example, if you are planning a cemetery burial, then it is necessary to purchase a casket, grave marker, and any other accessories that are needed to customize the burial. We also offer cremation products, such as memorial keepsakes and urns as needed. We also provide prepaid cremation packages for those who want the peace of mind that comes with pre-planning.

Supportive ServicesWhen planning a formal or traditional funeral service, there are often supportive details that should be included in the event. For example, would you like to hold a viewing before the funeral? Other common selections include embalming, transportation, graveside services, and more. We do a great job in providing these services to ensure the final resting arrangements for your loved one are taken care of with the greatest care.

Permits and Administration: If you haven’t worked in the funeral home industry, then you probably aren’t aware of everything that happens behind the scenes to coordinate these events. It is important to finalize paperwork through a medical professional, as well as permits for cremation and burial permissions. Our funeral director and trusted staff can assist with other details, including documentation for insurance claims and death certificate filing, ensuring the process is as smooth and easy as possible for you.

Our team is working hard to provide everything you need in one, simple location. We provide the full support that is required through all stages of funeral and cremation planning in Fort Myers Florida.

Making the Best Choices for Cremation

Cremation is often an important part of tradition or religious ceremony for families. If you decide that cremation should be part of the funeral plan, then it is essential to choose the right provider for these services. It can be difficult to find a funeral home. There are many things you need to think about when looking for one. Even though funeral homes always offer cremation packages, most people don’t understand that it is common for the funeral home to subcontract the cremation services. Since the funeral home doesn’t have a crematory on the property, it is necessary to hire a third party for the completion of this portion of the services.

If you want to be sure that your loved one is receiving the highest level of care, then it is best to choose a provider that takes care of the cremation on-site. Our team is proud to offer a private, on-site crematory that your family can use if desired. Since we don’t subcontract the services, you can be involved in the proceedings. For example, some families witness cremations as part of tradition or ceremony.

Since we personally handle the disposition of the deceased, you can rest assured to know that we care for all of the religious guidelines. In fact, we can talk to the family’s clergy or cultural leader to discuss the event, ensuring that every detail of the cremation aligns with your practices.

Quality Care for All People

Our trusted staff promises the highest level of care and respect for families from all walks of life. Whether you are looking for basic support or full-service solutions, we are here to help. You are welcome to work with us for immediate funeral planning. We are on call to give you access to an experienced team in the most critical times. You are also welcome to appointment to meet with us at your convenience to discuss pre-planning arrangements.

Alternatively, you are welcome to reach out at your convenience if you would like to discuss pre-need arrangements. These services are designed to give you flexibility in exploring your options for the future. We hold our decisions on file until it is the right time for the funeral to be scheduled. Contact Gendron Funeral & Cremation Services Inc. to learn more about the various solutions for funeral and cremation planning in Fort Myers, FL.

1. Do you have a store where we can buy memorabilia for our departed loved ones?

Yes, you may visit The Sympathy Store to check the different items we offer for sale.

2. Can you recommend organizations where we can donate, in memory of our loved one?

You may send donations at Lehigh Community Services, Inc. and Valerie’s House of SW FL. Learn more about these organizations here.

3. What are your options for personal urns?

We offer an array of choices for personal urns. The remains may be kept at home, buried, placed in a crypt, or scattered in a favorite spot. Check the different options to choose from here.